Everyone deserves to be happy and everyone deserves a second chance. I like flowers and sparkles and songs that sound like magic. I love sunsets and cuddling and palm trees and road trips. Love is what guides you through life and what gives you the strength to go on. Life long directioner. 5sauce music. Dan and Phil are my favorite people. Loki and such.
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10 reasons why I love Harry Styles that have nothing to do with how he looks

  1. his corny jokes 
  2. he’s always nice to fans 
  3. he’s polite and genuine 
  4.  he can get cheeky 
  5. his beautiful singing voice 
  6. his music taste 
  7. his dumb vines
  8. his horrible dance moves 
  9. his sense of style or lack there of
  10. his sensitivity
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hey everyone who’s claiming “he probably just slipped up” with "just like he already owned it"?

this is harry slipping up.