But deep down all we want is love; the pure kind we all dream of.
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Again, though, this was when the One Direction gang mentality came into its own. We’d just close ranks and pick up whoever was feeling homesick or tired or down, and off we’d go again. I’ve heard it said that the best bands are gangs, and I really believe that. We’re a gang and, whatever happens in the future, we’ll always be a gang. Even if in 50 years’ time if one of us is doing a project without the others, I’d like to be there to support them. By Zayn, Who We Are (x)

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i’ll take down nations. i’ll destroy men. I’ll fucking become the next president. I’ll make the next sistine chapel. I’ll find a cure for cancer, all while being the biggest fucking fangirl of a boyband in the entire world. because guess what??? being aware and socially concious and having big dreams does not correlate to how many times i dance in my underwear to what makes you beautiful

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You never come home from a One Direction concert and say it was quiet. It’s always unbelievably loud, the loudest show on the planet. We’ve actually done a decibel reading on it and measured 145 decibels in an arena - that’s about the same level of noise as a NASA space shuttle taking off indoors. Honest to God. By

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how much you wanna bet he dropped this fact when he went to the johnson space center aka please can we never talk about this again if i plan on staying hydrated

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one direction make me so happy like i sometimes get mad at myself for spending my teenage years like this but fuck me if becoming a fan of them hasn’t been one of the best decisions of my life like i’m actually sad for all the people who aren’t in this fandom they’re missing out big time